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On , a U.S. federal trademark registration was filed for HINGE-TIGHT. This trademark is owned by H. GOODMAN & SONS, INC.,
NEW YORK , 07032. The USPTO has given the HINGE-TIGHT trademark serial number of 81004546.

Filing Date:
Goods and Services: NOT AVAILABLE
Type Of Mark: TradeMark Application
Latest Owner: H. GOODMAN & SONS, INC.

NEW YORK , 07032
Correspondent: ????????????????????????????????????????
Related Tags: AVAILABLE
US Class Code(s): 040
Primary Class: Treatment of materials.
Class(es) Status: Sec. 8 – Entire Registration
First Use Anywhere: NOT PROVIDED
Information: You are viewing the HINGE-TIGHT logo. The name HINGE-TIGHT is registered as a TradeMark Application by the company H. GOODMAN & SONS, INC.. This company is located on:
NEW YORK , 07032.
HINGE-TIGHT sells goods and services of NOT AVAILABLE. This logo and TradeMark Application was filed on January 01, 1970 and was first used on January 01, 1970.